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So many people ask me why I do what I do. Here’s just a tiny peek into my story...

When I first became a Mama, I struggled to find products that were truly all natural. My children had sensitive skin and needed something that would moisturize and soothe. I began researching all things natural and organic and, oh, the prices! I learned about ingredients... What was really needed in the product, and what was not. Most products I found had many synthetic agents to add bubbles or make a product last longer, or have long-lasting scent. I knew those things were unnecessary, and that was causing most of our skin sensitivity issues.

After being frustrated with all the synthetic ingredients in "natural" products from the store shelf, I decided to delve deeper into my research and make some products myself. This opened up a whole new world! Who knew you could make fun, skin loving bath truffles with only 8 ingredients. Or create a shampoo that lathers, gently cleans and smells amazing, without all the added chemicals that do more harm than good!

This became my passion. Researching new ingredients, formulating recipes, testing new things, dreaming up new products, sharing with friends and family. Come to me with a problem and I will not quit until I have found the perfect combination of nourishing ingredients to help combat your issue. This is how many of my products were “born”.

I have now taken my love for these natural things, and shared it with the world. I love working with customers daily. I love the excitement when they realize that my short ingredient list really is effective. I love when they find products that really work. 

If my story sounds similar to yours, I'm so glad you found us. I can't wait to serve you. And if you have a product need that you don't see here, please feel free to reach out to me. I have many products available, and more in the works.

I look forward to serving you,
Jessica Lehman
Owner & Maker of Naive Necessities