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So many people ask me why I do what I do. Here’s just a tiny peek into our story...


My first son couldn’t handle store-bought laundry detergent. He got all itchy and would fuss and cry. (Rightly so!) My second son broke out in a bumpy rash after every bath, even when using the “natural, gentle” formula from the grocery store. I had to do something. MY people were hurting!
I began researching all things natural and organic and, oh, the prices! When you actually dive into all those “natural” products, they’re not actually all that natural. That’s why my baby couldn’t handle them! 

After being highly frustrated with all the dyes, parabens, synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals in so called “natural” products, I decided to delve deeper into my research and make some things myself. This opened up a WHOLE NEW WORLD! Who knew you could make luxurious bath truffles with only 6 ingredients. Or create a shampoo that lathers, gently cleans and smells amazing, without all the silicon and chemicals that strip your hair and do more harm than good!


This became my passion. Researching new ingredients, formulating recipes, testing new products. I love it all. Come to me with a problem and I will not sleep until I have found the perfect combination of nourishing ingredients to help combat your issue. This is how many of my products were “born”!
I love all my customers and am so thankful for the support you give! I couldn’t have come this far without you! In 2020, from August to December, we sent out over 400 orders! This year promises to be even bigger! I have so many exciting things that I am working on, day and night. (Ask my hubby!) And I can’t wait to share it all with you!
Stay tuned for lots of amazing product releases, exciting changes and announcements coming in the near future!
Sincerely, Jessica Lehman
Owner of Naive Necessities